I need a plan!

I was thinking about what I thought my life would be at MICA once I got here. And not surprisingly I had grand plans of things that I would be doing and accomplishing, though silently, here. And I have for that matter made a lot of progress. This of course is simply not enough, though commendable in its own right, but there is lot more that I can do.

First and foremost, I will be getting back to writing. And this of course will start with this blog. And by writing, I mean I would be doing a lot of it and covering a large area of life, academics and interests. Secondly, I am to go back to sports which is going to happen the next year. And I will be preparing myself for it. It should be like the old times. The masti, the thrill and everything. And the third thing would be drama, which I will be participating in the next year and doing a lot of it. I might also take part in dances if I wish.

Why I am so keen on all the arts above? It is because I finally think that I am ready for it. And also because they make life fun. Slowly and steadily, I feel that all of these will help in building my confidence which I feel is a must.